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2013 Forecast for Product Placement in the UK
Terri Pitts, March 4 2013

2013 is already shaping up to be a very exciting year in product placements and clearances.  Here at Pitts Consultancy, we are working on several films that will showcase Kohler, Apple, Blackberry, Dell, Bulleit, Warby Parker, Erno Lazlo, Samsung and many others. Now with the new, and might we add, improved, U.K. regulations, we are thrilled to see how placements in U.K. content is poised for a great 2013, too. Media Week recently published the results of a Channel 4 poll, stating“…viewers were 5% more likely to think the Nokia Lumia phone would fit into their everyday lives, following a tie-up with the show ‘Hollyoaks’.  This same poll conducted by Channel 4 and researcher BDRC Continental unveiled data demonstrating the “effectiveness of product placement as an advertising solution.( Category leaders such as Nokia, have taken the plunge into the UK placement arena and are already reaping the benefits. The industry is quickly growing, with content ripe for placements and partnerships are we couldn’t be more excited about this growth.  While this is not new news to many of us this side of the pond, we are thrilled to see our friends in the UK enjoying the undisputable benefits of product placement. The only placement and clearance agency serving both the US and the UK, Pitts Consultancy and The Domain Group, welcomes your inquiries and is here to serve your brand and clearance needs.  Our services streamline the process, create the greatest opportunities for exposure and ensure your brand identity is legally protected.

60 Placements Done Right

Terri Pitts May 22 2012


Our mantra: “Do it right, or don’t do it at all," also seems to be Nigel Lythgoe's, creator of American Idol, mantra, too, “They’re trying to stretch things all the time. I want to move those damned Coke cups. Especially when (rookie Idol judge) Nicki Minaj is sponsored by Pepsi. It gets on your nerves sometimes when it’s too obvious. You don’t want product forced on you. So we just have to be careful.”   At Pitts Consultancy, we wholeheartedly believe in placements and integrations that are true to our brand client’s core values AND they must uphold the integrity of the content in which they are placed, especially because we so often represent the content.  Well versed in both arenas, we very quickly identify the best opportunities to align these two objectives. Working directly with the producers of Stephen King’s, A GOOD MARRIAGE, starring Joan Allen and Anthony LaPaglia, Pitts Consultancy handled placements while our sister company, Clearance Domain, We are so confident that our product placements and brand integrations are so organic that we challenge you to identify all 50!  The film is set to release in Fall 2014.  “Like Us” on FB and stay tuned for the official release date. Good luck!

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