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 Terri Pitts, Founder

Terri Pitts, founder of Pitts Consultancy, has a passion for the big idea that informs and entertains. A few of Terri's career highlights include producing concerts for top-selling artists Patti LaBelle and Santana at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, working in development and production on many well-know feature films including Interview with the Vampire starring Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Christian Slater, Twelve Monkeys starring Bruce Willis and Basketball Diaries starring Leonardo DiCaprio, creating many successful film premieres and multi-million dollar charitable events, and designing and executing global brand integrations.  Combining her many years of experience of on-set physical production experience, with her experience representing brands and producers/distributors, Terri launched Pitts Consultancy in 2004 and advises on entertainment brand strategies that help her clients achieve their objectives. Terri was an invited guest speaker asked to provide insights and opinions on “Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Made,” the leading documentary on the product placement and brand integration industry. Terri is a member of ERMA and has a degree from Tulane University.

"If your brand isn't represented in the entertainment space, it's very likely your competitor will get the exposure your brand deserves. Let us represent your brand.  We already represent the content your brand should be in." - Terri Pitts

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